Top 7 Ways To Build Your List

Top 7 Ways To Build Your List

The golden rule of internet marketing is well known.  Put specifically: ‘the money is in the list’.  The bigger the list you build, the more money you make. 

Of course list size is only one part of the equation.  It’s even more important to have a highly engaged list.   It’s little good having subscribers on your list if they don’t open your emails or click on your links.  In fact having unresponsive subscribers on your list will harm your deliverability rates.  Suffice to say the better you get at building better lists, the more money you will make.

Listed here under are 7 of the bests way to build cash pumping mailing lists.

TIP #1: Define Your Ideal Subscriber.

This might sound overly simplified but you can’t hit a target if you don’t know what that target is.  As Confucius once said ‘man shoot at nothing sure to hit it’.  Likewise a doctor can’t treat a disease if they don’t know what that disease is.  Clarity is critical for effective targeting.  So take the time to define your ideal subscriber. 

Who are they?  Are they male or female?  What is their age?  Where do they live? What are their interests?  What websites do they frequent online?  What forums do they hang out in?  Really get this information tight. Leverage smart tools to SPY on your competitors and get all this information in a few clicks. 6/7 bullet points will suffice. 

TIP #2: Create MULTIPLE Lead Magnets

Your ‘lead magnet’ is your ethical bribe.  It is what your subscriber gets for giving you their email address.  Your lead magnet is your subscribers first impression of you.  It’s your chance to demonstrate your knowledge of the pertinent subject matter.  Don’t blow this opportunity.  Remember you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. 

I personally think the best lead magnets are E-books.  E-books are tangible.  They can download them to their laptop, smart phone, tablet or PC.  They can print them off and physically flick / swipe through the pages.  They can demonstrate your knowledge of the subject matter.  They don’t cost much to create, and they can be easily updated at anytime.

You don’t even need to create the lead magnet yourself if you don’t want to.  You can head right over to PLR Vault and download e-books, courses, programs or software that you can give away for FREE or sell as your own.  In fact it’s what a lot of smart marketers do.

Personally I create all my lead magnets myself.  I love the personal touch and see the lead magnet as critical for connecting with my subscribers.  If you wish to create your own e-books then all you need is a word processor like ‘MS Word’ and Adobe Acrobat to convert the file to PDF.

If you are dealing with different niches then you need to create a separate lead magnet for each niche.  If you check out the categories section of ‘’ you’ll note that I have 6 lead magnets targeting 6 completely different niches.


TIP #3: Build High Converting Squeeze Pages

Your squeeze page is your ‘sales person’.  It’s sole purpose is to convince your site visitor that what you’re giving away is of sufficient value to submit their email address.  I’ve tested multiple different types of squeeze pages and the highest converting version has the following elements.

A compelling headline that impresses the single greatest benefit that your lead magnet delivers.  5/6 bullet points focused on what the subscriber will get.  Remember the site visitors favourite acronym is WIIFM ‘What’s In It For Me’.  Features tell but benefits sell.  So really try and write ‘benefit laden’ copy.

Always get a graphic designer to create an E-book cover.  You could get this done on Fiverr for $10.  This gives the site visitor the impression they are getting something tangible.  The issue with digital products is that they are ‘intangible’.  The e-cover transmutes this into it’s physical equivalent.  This will have a significant impact on your conversion rate.

Perhaps the smartest discovery I made with squeeze pages was the power of ‘micro commitments’.  A micro commitment gets the user to take a small action before getting them to take a bigger action.  In effect they are psychologically predisposed to giving you their email address if it appears to be a painless process.    So how would you use a micro commitment on a squeeze page?

DO NOT put the email entry text box on the squeeze page.  Simply put a ‘Download Now’ button in its place.  This gives the site visitor the illusion that if they take the small step of clicking on the ‘Download Now’ button that the e-book instantly downloads.  In truth when they make this micro commitment (to click the Download Button) they have now psychologically committed to doing what is necessary to get that E-book.    Once the button is clicked pop up a light box looking for their ‘First Name’ and ‘Email Address’.

Of course completing all of the above actions require some technical know how.  Luckily for you tools such as Clickfunnels, Optimize Press and Optin Monster make it as easy as drag, drop and click.


TIP #4: Use Link Tracking Technology

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Pareto Principle.  It simply states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts.  In this regard you should use a link tracking app such as ATG to track all your links.  This ensure that you can track all your inbound traffic sources to determine which are providing the highest converting traffic (the 20%).

You then simply focus your efforts on the traffic sources that are providing the most subscribers and discontinue working on the sources that are not converting.  Every smart marketer takes these steps.  It significantly increases the volume of subscribers you have and ensures you stop wasting your time with traffic sources that don’t convert.

TIP #5: Create A Great Follow Up Series

There is ONE BIG REASON why the ‘money is in the list’.  Simply stated people only buy from people that they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.  The lead magnet is just the ‘introduction’, your follow up series is what creates your relationship.  You must go out of your way to ‘add value’ at every opportunity. 

In order to achieve this feat you need a top quality autoresponder.  The autoresponder will enable you to queue high quality E-newsletters that will automatically go out to your subscribers on a frequent basis.  Frequency is critical here.  If your subscribers are not hearing from you several times per week then they will forget who you are.  Worse they will forget they ever subscribed to your list and likely mark your mail as spam.

I’ve tried ALL the big name autoresponders and this is the only one that ticks every box. It has a beautiful interface, it’s really intuitive, it comes with great templates and most importantly it deliver on time, every time.  You can literally key in your newsletters and it’s set and forget.  Provided that your emails direct subscribers to content rich blog posts you will build an excellent relationship with your subscribers.

You can also supercharge your emails with some embedded marketing wizardry such as countdown timers, embedded vides, gifs and more.  This is really easy with tools such as Email Spike.

TIP #6: Respect Your Subscriber

You must treat the subscribers email address with respect.  By letting you into their inbox they are letting you into their lives.  DO NOT SPAM or abuse their email address.  Provide them with an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email and keep a close eye on your analytics.

If your unsubscribe / complaint rate is high then you need to take decisive action.  Either your content is not of sufficient quality or your frequency is too high.  Tweak what you are doing, monitor the stats and keep tweaking until things improve.

You could also use a tool such as ‘Survey Monkey’ to survey your list.  This is the best way to find out what they like, what they don’t like and to identify what you need to do differently.

TIP #7: Market Your Squeeze Page

You need to put links to your squeeze page EVERYWHERE.  Put them at the footer of every email, put them in your forum signature, put banners ads in the margin of every blog post you write, put them on other marketers download pages. 

Put them on your social media profiles: Instagram, twitter, linkedin, YouTube, Facebook.  Write guess posts for other blogs in your niche and put the links pointing back to your squeeze page.  Pay for ads on niche specific forums (e.g. The Warrior Forum for the ‘make money online’ niche), on Google etc. 

The more links you push out there, the more traffic you will get.  This is where the link tracking app will be worth its weight in gold to you.  It will create a unique tracking link for every traffic source and help you to see which sources are converting / not converting.

You really need to ‘think outside the box’ when it comes to identifying traffic sources.  You could use SMART TRAFFIC TOOLS to do the hard work for you by identifying hidden traffic goldmines pertaining to your list.  Things like this will give you the edge over your competition.

So there you have it the top 7 Ways to build your list.  Follow these steps and you’ll build bigger lists, increase subscriber engagement and make more money in less time.


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Author: Martin

Martin O' Flynn is the the founder of and - the Breakthrough Life Management App.