Top 3 Website Builders You Need To Know About

Clickfunnels Vs Optimize Press 2.0 Vs Instabuilder 2.0

If you have any ambition whatsoever of making money online, then one of your top requirements will be to invest in a powerful website builder. Read on to discover the top 3 website builders on the web today, and to find out which one is tailor made for you.

Site builders are a dime a dozen these days. It seems every other week some new product is hitting the market. And while many of these are pretty good, only 3 consistently rise to the top in my opinion.

In order to set the scene I need to give you a mini history lesson. Building websites online used to be about complicated HTML coding, JavaScript and css style sheets. If you weren’t able to code, then you didn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of creating your own sites.

Then in 1997 Microsoft launched ‘Frontpage’ which did for web design what Microsoft Word did for document processing. However Frontpage, Dreamweaver and other programs from that era were clunky, not as intuitive as they should have been, and really fell short in the ‘design’ department.

In 2003 WordPress exploded onto the scene and rapidly became the number one content management system we see in use today. What propelled the popularity of WordPress was that it was free, open source and facilitated the integration of third party plugins that effectively enabled webmasters to add significant extra functionality to their websites at the click of a button.

In this context it’s no surprise that 2 out of the 3 top website builders today, are WordPress based. So with that as a backdrop for today’s article, let’s dig right into the top 3 page builders.

1. Clickfunnels Review

Clickfunnels Review

Clickfunnels is the only ‘non WordPress’ site builder to make the cut. It is a standalone solution that boasts an impressive feature set that few other site builders can match.

Whereas the other site builders we will discuss run on the WordPress platform, Clickfunnels is a self contained proprietary solution that runs on its own CLOUD based setup. This has both advantages and disadvantages.

The fact it’s a standalone solution means that you don’t need to Integrate with WordPress for it to work. You also don’t need to pay for additional third party hosting. You build and host your websites inside the Clickfunnels platform. It’s really easy to get started. You literally enter your email address and start the 14-day FREE trial. Your account is instantly live and you could have your first page online within minutes.

Given the popularity of WordPress many hackers continue to find ways to hack into WordPress sites. Clickfunnels does not suffer this problem given its ultra secure private setup

The fact it shuns WordPress however means that it misses out on the thousands of third party plugins, that would enable users to add considerable additional functionality at the click of a button.

However one thing Clickfunnels really has going for it is that it was built from the ground up by one of the best marketers in the business. In this context every feature and element is hyper-optimized to generate maximum results ‘out of the box’. Whereas with the WordPress based site builders you’ll more or less have to start from scratch, you can launch a conversion crushing squeeze page, sales page or funnel with just a few clicks on Clickfunnels.

What’s even more impressive is despite the robust feature set, it’s really intuitive to you. You literally pick the type of page you want to launch: squeeze page, sales page, membership page, jv page, funnel page etc. Then you select from one of the beautifully designed templates. Then you click into any element on the page and edit it accordingly. Most of the settings that control size, color, position etc. appear in the right-hand margin for easy editing.

Their premium plan is even more impressive as it integrates a proprietary auto-responder, split testing software, link tracking and in-depth target marketing capabilities that provide you with incredible analytics on your customers.

All in all Clickfunnels is a PREMIUM site builder, that is intuitive, comprehensive, well designed, and comes with everything you need to launch revenue generating sites.

If you’d like access to a FREE 14-Day Trial of Clickfunnels then click here

2. Optimize Press 2.0 Review

Optimize Press 2.0 Review

Optimize Press is every marketers dream. It was the first site builder that really understood the importance of ‘intuitive design’. In fact Optimize Press 1.0 revolutionized the industry. Optimize Press 2.0 has redefined what’s possible. If you are looking for the best WordPress based site builder, then OptimizePress is #1 in my opinion.

Not only do you get slick integration with third party applications, hundreds of premium templates, and the ability to engineer every type of marketing page, but you also get industry leading features and usability.

OptimizePress has an ‘eating with cutlery in a fancy restaurant’ logic i.e. you start with the outer cutlery and work your way in. With Optimize Press you choose your template, select the layout e.g. 1 – 8 columns, click into a column, insert a row, click into the row, select from 100’s of professionally designed elements, then rinse and repeat. You build stunning websites with drag and drop simplicity, by simply stacking rows vertically.

They have a succinct video beside every element if you need any instruction, but if you’re anything like me the software is so intuitive you’ll feel like a pro right off the blocks.

The great thing about Optimize Press is that you can use it as a ‘theme’ or a ‘plugin’. So if you have a custom designed theme, then you can still leverage all the features from Optimize Press inside that theme.

In fact I’d go as far as saying that anyone with OptimizePress 2.0 will be able to do everything themselves. They will knock out beautiful sites and marketing pages, that will look as if they were created by a professional designer.

The fact Optimize Press 2.0 runs on the WordPress platform means that you can pick from thousands of third party plugins, which enable you to imbue your site with virtually limitless features.

Unlike Clickfunnels, OptimizePress 2.0 is yours for a one-time fee. You do have the option to pay a small yearly sub, in order to ensure you always have the latest version. Their customer support is faultless. Any issues I’ve had were resolved inside 24 hours.

So how do you decide if you should get Clickfunnels or Optimize Press? I would say if you are savvy with WordPress, or wish to leverage the best WordPress site builder while having access to thousands of third party plugins then OptimizePress 2.0 is for you. Conversely if you are not a big fan of WordPress or you want the best ‘All-in-One’ site builder that runs on a super fast cloud setup, then Clickfunnels was made for you.

3. Instabuilder 2.0 Review

Instabuilder 2.0 Review

Clickfunnels and Optimize Press don’t have it all there own way however. Instabuilder is the new kid on the block that wasn’t afraid to shake things up a bit.

For me Instabuilder is a cross between ‘Clickfunnels’ and ‘Optimize Press’. Where it is based on the WordPress platform like Optimize Press, it’s look, feel, layout and usability is more like Clickfunnels.

In fact Instabuilder has an even bigger template library than Optimize Press and offers even more precise control over elements i.e. right down to the font and topography selections, design, and placement. It also enables you to drag and drop elements literally anywhere you like on a page. It’s not as restrictive as Clickfunnels or Optimize Press which want you to operate inside specific columns.

Instabuilder does feature some nice additions that give it an edge over its contemporaries in some departments. It enables you to add a social sharing ‘lock’ to your content, a highly customizable countdown timer for time-limited offers and advanced analytics.

So there you have it, a high level overview of 3 of the best page builders. Which one is right for you will depend on what is important to you.

If you want the best ‘All-in-One’ solution, then I have to recommend Clickfunnels. Yes it requires a monthly subscription but it works out cheaper in the long run as you wont have to pay for additional third party hosting, auto-responders, link tracking or analytics.

If you want the best site builder for ‘Wordpress’ then it’s a toss up between ‘Optimize Press’ and ‘Instabuilder’. I personally prefer Optimize Press 2.0 due to it’s flexibility and ease of use. I just prefer the structured ‘building blocks’ work flow. You literally stack elements one on top of the other.

My recommendation would be to head on over to the respective sales pages of all 3 products, watch the demo videos, and pick the product that feels right for you. Once you see all 3 in action, you’ll get an appreciation for what they offer and thus what suits your style of work.  But for me without question Clickfunnels is the KING of the lot.

Author: Martin

Martin O' Flynn is the the founder of and - the Breakthrough Life Management App.