How To Master The Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction

‘I attract to my life whatever i give my attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative.’ ~ Michael Losier

The Law of Attraction is probably the best known of the ’12 Laws of The Universe’ due to the considerable publicity it has received in recent times. The movie ‘The Secret’ propelled this law onto a global stage, and illuminated the consciousness of a worldwide audience desperate for answers.

But what is this mysterious law and why does it wield such fascination and excitement from those to whom it reveals itself?

Well The Law of Attraction refers to the concept that your thoughts vibrate at a certain frequency and they attract that which resonates on the same frequency. Put differently what you think about you bring about.

If you spend your time thinking negative thoughts then you will attract negative outcomes in your life. Conversely if you spend your time thinking positive thoughts, then you magnetize positive things into your life. To whittle this down to a neat phrase think: ‘send a positive out, get a positive back. Send a negative out, get a negative right back’.

If you want to see the ‘Law of Attraction’ in action in its simplest form, then make a habit of giving a warm smile to everyone you meet. It won’t be long before you realize that like attracts like. A smile given is a smile gained. The only person that will not return a smile is a person vibrating at the lower end of the spectrum. This person’s negativity is blocking their ability to respond in a positive way.


Assume The Feeling Of The Wish Fulfilled

If you consistently think prosperous thoughts irrespective of your current circumstances then you will attract prosperity in the future because ‘like attracts like’. The law of attraction is the philosophy that you project into the future and assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Visualize the things you want to happen in your life, get emotionally involved in the process and the things you want must materialize in your life. In effect we become what we think about most of the time. Thoughts objectify themselves.

I think there exists great misunderstanding pertaining to ‘The Law of Attraction’. This is perhaps due to elements of the law that ‘The Secret’ failed to address. For example, there is a general consensus that you can attract anything you wish solely through positive visualization.


Action Provides The Magnetism

While positive visualization is a key part of the process, it comes to nothing without physical action on your behalf. As Wallace D. Wattles stated “By thought, the thing you want is brought to you; by action you receive it.” For whatever reason people that read ‘The Secret’ never got exposed to the second part of this equation, specifically the part that states ‘by action you receive it’.  Effectively ‘thought’ is the magnet and ‘action’ is the magnetism.

Allow me to illustrate this concept with something we can all relate to. Professional golfers have long since subscribed to the maxim ‘the last thought in your mind is what happens to the golf ball’. They develop sophisticated ‘pre-shot routines’ built around this concept.

In effect right before they strike the golf ball they stand back behind the ball and visualize the shot they want to play. They imagine perfect contact with the ball, they envisage the correct amount of spin and shot shape imparted on the ball, and they visualize the ball landing beside the pin. However is that all they do? Is this simple act of visualization enough to land the ball next to the pen? Absolutely not. They need to take action. They need to physically strike the ball in order to transmute their visualization into a result on the physical plain.

What people fail to grasp having read ‘The Secret’ is that we exist in a physical dimension. We have to interact with our physical world in a physical way. Yes at the quantum level our thought waves attract that which resonates on the same frequency, but that does not negate the fact that we must physically engage our external environment.


Current Results Reveal Past Thoughts

I think the great thing about the Law of Attraction is that retrospective reflection on our life thus far, reveals the quality of past thoughts. Your dominant thoughts in the past have shaped your present conditions and circumstances. Everything that exists in your life today is evidence of historical thinking. This refers to the good, the bad and everything in between. Your life is a microcosm of thought waves you sent out, that perpetuated the action, which manifested as your current results.


Your Thoughts Are Seeds

No matter how dimly you view your current situation realize that it can change dramatically but only if you change dramatically. You are a sending station that’s creating mental images of life’s coming attractions. You truly are the architect of your own future you just need to be cognizant of the fact the building blocks of your future are the images you are sending today. Put differently your thoughts are seeds, and the harvest you reap will depend on the seeds you plant.


Get Crystal Clear On What You Want

You really need to get clear about everything you want to be, do and have. If it’s a physical object like a particular car or home, then download images off the Internet representative of the exact physical objects you desire. So if you want to drive a BMW M4 then download an image of that car, in the color that you want. Write the affirmation across the image saying: ‘I Drive A BMW M4’. Repeat this process for everything your heart desires. Review these images several times a day every day. Really try to feel the feeling of what it would be like if you already had obtained these goals. This process empowers you to think the thoughts that emit the frequency that propels the action that makes your vision a reality.

Get Into A Positive State Of Expectancy

Leverage some positive affirmations that put you in a positive state of expectancy. Say things like ‘I am a magnet for money’. ‘Money flows to me freely and easily’. ‘Life is so easy’. ‘The universe is on my side’. ‘Everyday in every way I’m getting happier, healthier and wiser’. Reciting these statements elevates your thinking to a higher frequency, which attracts all the good operating on these higher frequencies.

Now i realize to many of you this stuff sounds hokey and childish, but realize this: I didn’t invent the Law of Attraction.  This is the way it works.  This is how you get yourself into the correct mental state to ‘vibrate’ on the higher frequencies.  Quantum physics proves this is where you need to focus your thought energy in order to manifest your dreams.


Guard Against Negative Thoughts

Always guard yourself against negative thoughts. These reveal themselves in the way you feel and the way you communicate with others. If someone asks ‘how are you today?’ tell them you are ‘wonderful thanks’. Or say ‘Better than good and better than most’. Don’t say things like ‘I’m struggling’ or ‘Well at least I’m looking down at the daisies and not up at the roots’. Such remarks constitute negativity.

Now I realize very often this will feel like you are being deceitful to yourself and others.  Very often you will find yourself in dire situations.  But you can’t let your thoughts linger on where you are, they must focus on where you are going.  Everything in life is transient, including your current conditions and circumstances.  You need to push your circumstances to the edge of your awareness and focus your thoughts on all the great things that are about to happen in your life.  As James Allen once stated: “Your circumstances my not be congenial but they will not long remain so if you perceive an ideal and strive to reach it.”


Shift The Tectonic Plates Of Your Thinking

You need to ensure everything you think, say and do operates at the upper echelons of positive expectancy, gratitude and happiness. When you shift the tectonic plates of your thinking, providence shift too. The Universe will respond by bringing people, circumstances and events into your life that will help your desires to materialize.

Final Thoughts

Some of you might think that this all sounds like ‘pie in the sky’, but keep an open mind. I’ve seen enough strange coincidences in my life to know that everything I’ve revealed to you in this lesson, is substantiated and factual.

When you really begin to immerse yourself in the ‘Law of Attraction’ you will get shivers up and down your spine when you experience the ‘spooky coincidences’ that will start to happen one after the other. It won’t take long for you to realize that this ‘mystical law’ is forever at work and that it will return to you positive circumstances or negative circumstances depending on the dominant thoughts pervading your mind.

I hope that you found this lesson insightful. Really take the time to implement the ideas I have discussed and you will have all it takes to master the ‘Law of Attraction’ and live the life of your dreams.

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Author: Martin

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