The Akashic Record Is The Secret To Everything

The Akashic Record

‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’ ~ Nikola Tesla


The Akashic Record is a fascinating concept that delves deep into mysteries such as: Who we are? Why we are here? What is our purpose? Where are we going? What guides us down certain paths? How do some people come up with incredible inventions?

The term was coined in 1883 by Alfie Percy Sinnett in his book: ‘Esoteric Buddhism’. In it he describes that according to eastern philosophy universal records physically exist in the ‘akash’. This ‘akash’ is better known as the ‘Akashic Record’, which is an outer worldly repository of cosmic information.

Dr Irving Laslow describes how he found evidence of an Akashic field in his book ‘Science And The Akashic Field’. This evidence originated from the discovery of ‘quantum zero point energy’, a radiation field that exists all around us, which is imperceptible to our senses but can be detected indirectly.

This was first discovered by Albert Einstein and our greatest scientific minds have verified it is very real indeed. They classify zero point energy as an all pervasive sea of quantum energy waves that are invisible but exist throughout the universe. Dr. Laslow realized that it didn’t just carry physical information about the physics of the universe but also contained intellectual information.

The author of ‘The Visible And Invisible Worlds’, Caroline Cory describes it this way: “The fabric of space itself is made of energy and information and the way this information propagates throughout the universe is in waves we call ‘quantum waves’. The Akashic field is made of quantum waves that are common to all intelligent life. Humans have the ability to tap into these quantum waves with their minds.’ In fact it has been widely theorized that mind waves are the most potent form of energy because they can penetrate all time and space.

David Wilcox, the author of ‘The Ascension Mysteries’ agrees: ‘The idea of an intelligent informational field we can access with our consciousness is not pseudo-science or superstition, our scientists are finding out it’s really true’.

Richard P. Feynman in his book ‘QED – The Strange Theory of Light and Matter’ explores the idea that electrons in our brains can be activated and informed by quantum waves affecting our thoughts, feelings and subconscious. He refers specifically to quantum entanglement theory. It’s the idea you could have sub atomic particles at any distance whatsoever and they could affect each other where information could be sent at great speeds instantaneously.

The human brain is full of electrical activity, which creates radiation that a radio receiver such as other minds could pick up. Amazingly it has been discovered that minds which are separated in space and time are able to send and receive such waves. Feynman found that an electron moving in our brains is sensitive to radio signals from the past but to compensate it must also receive radio waves from the future. This means that every electron in our brains is actually a receiver. In this context thought waves could traverse to any part of the universe instantaneously. This is quantum wave propagation. In this context visions could be nothing more than thought transference through the Akashic record, while inventions could be merely the ability to download existing information from the Akash.

Notable examples include prophets, seers and inventors. Perhaps one of the most infamous cases was that of a Bulgarian woman with incredible foresight. When she was a young girl in Novo Selo, Bulgaria she was sucked into the SKY by a tornado. It was said she later turned up in a field blinded by her experience. The experience seem to gift her with the ability to predict the future. Her name was ‘Vangeliya Pandeva Dimitrova’ but she became affectionately known as ‘Baba Vanga’. She made stunningly accurate predictions such as ‘9/11’ and Barack Obama being inaugurated as the 44th President of America.

On 9/11 she reportedly said: “Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing.”

She was also said to have foreseen Brexit when she said Europe as we know it will “cease to exist” by the end of 2016, and she warned of the rise of an extremist Muslim army that would invade Europe, thought to refer to the rise of ISIS.

Other future events Baba Vanga predicted were the end of world hunger by 2028, Mars colonies gaining nuclear weapons by 2256 and Earth becoming uninhabitable from 2341.

It was said that Baba Vanga could see a person’s life from start to end in a series of images. Could this be down to her ability to tap into the Akashic record? Many theoretical physicists believe so.

Interestingly many of history’s greatest inventors including Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and Steve Jobs claimed to download the ideas for their inventions from a source outside themselves. Tesla felt human minds were receivers which received impulses from the outside and he claimed that we worked on these impulses to guide the path we take in life. He claimed that he discovered electricity when he saw a light in his mind and received the information.

A Political science journal paper entitled ‘Are inventions Inevitable? A Note On Social Evolution’ seems to confirm that all inventions are downloaded from the ‘Akashic Record’. It cites over 148 instances of simultaneous inventions where 2 or more individuals had the same ground breaking innovation or theory without knowledge of the other persons work at the same time. Considering many of these inventions were abstract and long before their time, they simply could not be written off as mere coincidence.

In fact renowned physicist and Professor S James Gates Junior co-authored a report called ‘Relating Doubly-Even Error-Correcting Codes, Graphs and Irreducible Representations of N-Extended Supersymmetry’. In it he states he found specific computer code in the equations defining the fabric of the universe. He suggested that since these error correcting codes are indistinguishable from those that drive search engines on our computers that it suggests the cosmos is digital in nature. So professor gates finding computer code in his string theories states there is not only code but the code we use in our computers in the fabric of reality. So the implication is that our reality is digital and that every experience you’ve ever had is based on code. Does this mean that our lives are pre-determined? That we are downloading information from the Akashic Record and it is guiding and inspiring us to do certain things. Is life nothing more than a program we are running to create a future that has been pre-determined. This led author and mind expert Deepak Chopra to question: ‘Do we have free will or are we totally determined?’

Interestingly the best way to tap into this ‘Akashic Record’ is to quiet your mind. Those that meditate are most likely to tap into this rich vein of information. In fact Thomas Edison was famous for sitting on his favorite rocking chair and holding a rock in his hand over a tin bucket. He would hold a question on the screen of his mind and try to drift into that state of mind just before one falls asleep. It was said that when he drifted off the rock would fall into the tin bucket, waking him up with the answer to his question. Give it a go, who knows what insight you might gain.

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