Motivational Insight #105: Possibility Triggers Tenacity

It's the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee.

It’s the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee.
~ Nicholas Sparks



When you step forth in the direction of your dreams, there can be only one certainty – you are guaranteed nothing.  In this context you are stepping forward in faith.  It is the thrill of the possibility that ignites your motivation.  Life would be very boring if we were certain of every outcome.   In fact all the personal growth and development happens along the way.  The greater the friction, challenges and difficulties we encounter, the more powerful we become.

It’s a sad fact that people who get things too easily, tend to loose things too easily.  Consider the many famous people who’ve accumulated great wealth, but succumb to drug overdoses.  I think the reason this happens is that they have no real challenge left in life.  When you have all the money you’ll ever need to be / do / buy whatever you desire, life often looses its meaning.  In effect ‘challenges’ and ‘uncertainty’ are necessary for us to grow, thrive and succeed.

It’s thus really important that you genuinely believe that the dream or goal you are pursuing is absolutely attainable.  If you pursue a great big goal / dream but believe in your heart that its attainment is impossible, then ultimately your belief will help create the fact.  Your dominant thoughts become your own self fulfilling prophesy.  This is best illustrated with this wonderful observation by ‘Henry Ford’.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.
~ Henry Ford

As soon as you grow disheartened, you dissipate your energy and power.  You’ll develop a ‘what’s the use’ mentality.  You’ll begin to think; ‘what’s the point putting all this effort into this goal or dream, when it’s obvious it’s not going to materialize’.  Your motivation will wane, your propensity to take action will fade, and ultimately you’ll significantly reduce your ability to achieve your goal or manifest your dream.

If this begins to happen then you need to ACT immediately.  First realize that the law of sowing and reaping decrees that every seed has an incubation or gestation period.  Your ideas, goals or dreams are spiritual seeds and these too take time to transmute from the thinking substance to their tangible form. Many people give up on their dream or goal, just before it’s about to materialize.  It’s so important to develop a persistence that will push you through this period of doubt and worry.  In effect if you never give up, you can never loose.  If you keep moving every day in the direction of your dream / goal then you will get there one day.

Of course if things are not working out despite your best efforts, then it is possible that you are on the wrong path.  Very often as we journey towards one goal, a new higher order goal will take it’s place.  This is why it’s so important to take ‘feedback’ on board and take corrective action if need be.  Remember everything is cause and effect.  If something is leading to failure, it simply means the actions you are taking are not aligned with the outcome you seek.  Change the actions and you’ll change the outcome.  Keep tweaking what you are doing and you’ll tweak the results.

At the end, when all is said and done you’ll realize the path to your goal was not a straight line, nor a perfect arc, but rather a zig-zag pattern that was required to meander the obstacles, deal with the challenges, learn from the mistakes and ultimately attain the thing you want.

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Author: Martin

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