Motivational Insight #108: Get Out Of The Harbor

A ship in harbor is safe, but that's not what ships are built for.

A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.
~ John A. Shedd



Today’s insight features a beautiful analogy of a great ship, docked safely in the harbor.  Although it may be safe and secure, it is not the purpose for which the ship was built.  It’s only when the ship is directed out into the open seas that it reveals it’s true potential.  So too in life you have got to put yourself out there.  You have to be willing to feel uncomfortable if you are going to grow and prosper.

In order to reach  your full potential you have got to step outside your comfort zone.  Your comfort zone is nothing more than the border of the reality you have known.  You’re happy to stay inside that border as you know what to expect.  You’re comfortable in there, you don’t have to take any risks, so you think you have nothing to loose.

In fact the truth is that you have everything to loose.  You are gifted with unique skills, talents and abilities.  Combined together these constructs will enable you to reach your potential.  However, like everything in life if you don’t use these skills, talents and abilities they will attenuate.  The people that succeed in life are the ones that are willing to put themselves in situations that force them to step outside their comfort zones.  They accept that it won’t be easy, that it will be challenging, that they might fail, but they realize it is through this process that they will ultimately succeed.

FEAR is what keeps most people trapped inside their comfort zone.  Yet FEAR is the only human emotion that pertains to something which hasn’t happened.  So how silly is to block your own success because you fear something might happen.  In fact if you took the time consider the worst possible consequences that might occur if the worst possible failure were to materialize, then you would realize that even these things are not that bad.  Remember in life it’s not how hard you fall, but how high you bounce. In fact the harder you fall the higher you bounce, IF you have a positive attitude.

People think ‘failure is final’ but that is absolutely not true.  Failure is nothing more than ‘feedback’.  Failure is a NOT a ‘NO’, failure is a ‘NOT THIS WAY’.  So if you are putting yourself out there and you are meeting with failure, then all that means is that the specific steps you are taking, are not the steps to take you to where you want to go.  Think in terms of Mount Everest.  Many people have a goal to climb to the top, but not everyone gets there.  For those that FAIL, it does not mean it’s not possible to get to the summit.  All the others that have succeeded, prove that there is a way.  In this context the ‘climber’ is getting ‘feedback’ that the steps they took were insufficient.  They should study those that have succeeded, compare and contrast the steps they took, and the difference between the two reveals the things they got to do differently.

Suffice to say, nobody every climbed a mountain without setting foot on the mountain.  Lots of people have dreams, but they let fear stop them setting foot on their own personal mountains.  Now I don’t know what your mountain is i.e. that thing you want to be, do or have.  That ‘stretch goal’ that is beckoning you to step forth and pursue it.  What I do know however is that if you have a longing that won’t go away, then that is a clue connected to your calling / life purpose.  The beautiful truth is when you take a step forth in the direction of your dream / goal, then that very thing takes a step forth in the direction of you.

So are you going to step forth and pursue the life you want to life, or are you going to step back into the reality you have known.  In truth you are either expanding or contracting, you are advancing or retreating.  Realize that all the rewards in life are saved for those that have the confidence to step forth in the direction of their dreams, irrespective of their fears, doubts or worries.  So I invite you to step forth and pursue the things you want, if you do that, then you will live a charmed existence and you will live the life of you dreams.

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Author: Martin

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