Motivational Insight #106: Build A Door

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. ~ Milton Berle



Seneca once said ‘Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.’  This observation is accurate on so many levels.  So many people look on in disgust when they see the seemingly effortless success that others enjoy.  What they fail to comprehend is that luck requires a certain level of attentiveness that enables one to ‘pounce’ on an opportunity once it presents itself.  The truth is that we live in an abundant Universe.  There is no lack or limitation rather just a lack of awareness. 

In the Upanishads, a Hindu scriptures several thousand years old, it is said: “From abundance he took abundance, and still abundance remains.”  In effect the first currency of the Universe is ‘ideas’.  Idea’s are abundant.  One good idea is all it would take to literally transform your life.  Yet most people succumb to the belief that ‘all the good idea’s have already been thought of’.  Nothing could be further from the truth, if that were the case then there wound have been no progress, invention or changes in the last 100 years.  In fact quite the opposite is true we are experiencing rapid acceleration in the quantity and quality of idea’s and opportunities.  Those who are discovering and taking advantage of these idea’s are those that realize we are the ‘channel’ and not the ‘source’.

You are a living, breathing expression of the Universe.  The very atoms that make up your body, originated inside distant stars.  In effect you are the Universe and the Universe is you.  Tesla, Edison, Einstein, Jobs and other brilliant inventors conceded that their genius was their ability to tap into ‘infinite intelligence’ i.e. the frequency along which ideas are flowing.  They realized that they were a channel for this energy, and not the source.  When you flick a switch on the wall, you expect the light to come on. Yet you realize that the source of the power is not the light itself, but rather the electricity that flows through it.  So too in life idea’s that flow too and through you are limited only by you ability to recognize these ideas, and to mould them into something worthwhile through effective action.  Remember the Universe can only do for you, what it can do through you.  I would give anything for everyone reading this passage, to really comprehend the power and substance of this concept.

So the next time an idea flashes across the screen of your mind, recognize it for what it is.  You simply tuned into the frequency along which this impulse of energy was flowing.  If you act on the idea, then the spoils are yours.  But realize that other people have also got the ability to tune into the same frequency along which this idea is flowing.  This is no different to the fact that thousands of radio and tv programs are beaming right over your head at this moment.  If you had an adequate receiver (TV / Radio) then you would be able to tap into these frequencies.  This is no different to the way historical geniuses have downloaded ‘game changing’ ideas and turned them to profit.  In short you need to become receptive to the fact ideas are everywhere, recognize one when it flashes across your mind, and take the action necessary to transmute that ‘idea’ into it’s physical equivalent.

If you’d like to read further information on the concept of frequencies, ideas and vibration then I suggest you read the comprehensive article I wrote here.  If you’d like to ‘point and click’ your way to idea’s that will change your life, then click here to take the FREE TRIAL of Peaksoft.

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